Mitchell Cane

Writer, Author, Editor, Consultant

Mitchell Kane is the pen name of a journalist seeking representation or a publisher for a number of novels in multiple genres.

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Panel 1

Six Billion Reasons

By Mitchell Cane

Digger doesn’t look like much, and he’s the first to admit that he understands math and machines better than he does people, but he’s a wizard in the underworld of the dark web and a hacker extraordinaire.

Drawn into the cryptocurrency heist of a lifetime, he takes the fall and finds himself on the run, trying to evade governments who want to arrest him and criminals who want to kill him.

Digger’s been on the run before, but this is the first time he’s brought Molly. A hairdresser, she isn’t exactly international fugitive material, but she proves to be a quick study and even quicker on the trigger. Going on the lam might be just what their relationship needed.

Genre: This techno-thriller takes place in Europe and across the U.S. It includes inside men, double blinds, and triple crosses.

Length: 75,000 words

Status: Complete. Book has been reviewed by beta readers and is ready for querying.

Panel 2

Flight of the Condor

By Mitchell Cane

Jed desperately wants to escape the hellhole Earth has become and take the next colony ship to settle on a virgin planet, but the all-powerful church has other plans for him. Jed and his wife Gabby make a break for it, only to learn that their powerful enemies will stop at nothing to keep them from making a fresh start.

Genre: This novel blends genres, starting on a dystopian version of Earth in the year 2163 and continuing in space. It has a strong love story. Although not written as a YA novel, this is a relatively clean story and could easily be made suitable for that audience.

Length: 100,000 (estimated).

Status: This is one of Mitch’s current works-in-progress. The first draft is 70,000 words so far and two of the three acts are written. Act Three is outlined and in the works.

Panel 3

Country Justice

By Mitchell Cane

Jam, a Marine veteran, is just trying to survive the end of the world as we know it on his father-in-law’s farm. After the old man is killed by bushwhackers, Jam and his buddies get revenge, but this is the Appalachians and things like that are not easily forgiven. Suddenly, Jam finds himself in a new war with different rules of engagement and a family to protect.

Genre: Post-apocalyptic thriller. This is one of at least three interrelated post-apocalyptic thrillers Mitch has in various states of development.

Length: 85,000 words

Status: Rough draft is complete. Revisions, rewrites, and edits underway.

Panel 4

The Time of Her Life

By Mitchell Cane

After landing a job in Key West, Chani is excited to be out on her own and is hoping for an adventure before she returns home to Israel. Then she meets her sexy landlord and slowly realizes he could BE her adventure. If only he wasn’t sleeping with her new best friend, a sensual beauty with a surprising past.

Genre: Erotic romance. A coming-of-age story that includes love, romance, desire, and plenty of toe-curling sex.

Lengths: 71,000 words.

Status: Rough draft, revisions and edit is complete. Ready for querying.